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All Natural Ingredients:

Whole California Milk, Pure Cane Sugar, Water, Cocoa, Mezcal, Buttermilk, 100% Cocoa Liquor, Sesame Butter, Fresh Heavy Cream

No additives, preservatives or thickeners of any kind.

  • Egg free

  • Gluten free

  • Nut free

  • Lactose free

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    Smoky voluptuous mezcal enveloped by dark roasted chocolate
    Gluten free
    Egg free
    I believe food should nourish, excite, enhance health, and be grown sustainably. When I met the Nosotros team, I knew we could create something truly unique. We combined our passion for premium fresh ingredients and our love bringing people together to create a 3 flavor limited edition collection. Enjoy a pure gelato and tequila experience we are certain you’ll love.


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